My approach……..

I have a Master of Counselling Degree (with distinction). My training and experience is in Solution Focused, Narrative and Collaborative Therapies. In my practice I use an integrated, collaborative approach to counselling, working together with you to help  you explore your experience,  tap into your existing skills and  strengths to move forward in a way and at a pace that is right for you.

I am passionate about people, their resilience, their strengths and their ability to cope with and overcome extraordinary circumstances and experiences, to achieve goals and create positive, fulfilling lives and relationships. I am also interested in hearing about the aspects of your life that are going well; stories about your preferred future; strategies you are already using in your life to make change or to help you cope with life events;  and your hopes and dreams. I am here to support you on your journey as you make decisions and set goals for yourself, develop plans and strategies to take the very next step towards achieving your goals and preferred future.

I offer individual and relationship counselling for people of all ages and from all backgrounds. I work with a variety of issues including, anxiety, stress, depression, grief and loss, alcohol and other drugs. I believe that the therapeutic relationship is a partnership and as a counsellor, it is a privilege to be invited into your life and to be a part of that partnership and your journey

The theoretical  underpinnings of my practice is based in social constructionist philosophy. I believe that a person’s world view is created by their own experience and the interactions they have with others. I respect that everyone’s experience is different, therefore there is a multiplicity of world views, all equally valid. I value diversity and prize you as being the expert on your own life and of your own experience. During our counselling session, we will talk about whatever you would like to talk about, any issue you would like to explore and  at  your own pace.